Parent-Child Playgroups

Slow down and get to know your child as they engage with and explore the world around them.

For the parent who wants to enter their child's world. Learn to observe your child at play with no agenda other than developing deep understanding and trust.

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8 weeks per term to optimise learning time for both children and adults


1.5 hours per week


An orientation for parents to learn more about how the playgroup will run and the respectful approach that guides our playgroups.

1 hour virtual session


Children are grouped according to similar ages and motor development

Baby playgroup

(3 - 6 months, on backs/tummies)

Mobile baby playgroup

(9 - 12 months, crawling)

Toddler playgroup

(1 – 1.5 yrs)

Older toddler playgroup (1.5 – 2.5 yrs)




(inclusive of orientation session and 8-week playgroup sessions)

Installment of

2 payments available


10% discount

if amount paid in full before term starts.

Here's what you can expect from our playgroups
  • Learn to focus and play deeply according to their developmental stage

  • Build independent play skills

  • Socialise with other children


  • Gain confidence within themselves



  • Learn to observe your child at play

  • See respectful parenting being modeled

  • Discuss parenting struggles

  • Meet like-minded parents

Take a                                   into one of our playgroups

sneak peek

Parents and children arrive and are warmly greeted by the facilitator, either Carmen or Justina. Your 2-year old takes off her shoes and places them in the shoe rack while observing her other friends arriving. 

Parents greet one another and find a comfortable space to sit around the parameter of the room. Your child is a little hesitant and sits with you for a little while, before climbing off your lap and moving to the center of the room.

Age-appropriate materials are thoughtfully set out around the room. Children are free to move their bodies as they wish and explore all the play materials. Lisa decides to work with the blocks, where she is joined by Adam. 

Melinda wanders over to the basket that holds a variety of plastic cups and decides to dump out all the cups to use the basket as a container for filling other items. Another child is exploring the sensory bins that contain colored pasta.


A conflict breaks out on the wooden climber, as two children try to navigate the space and climb up at the same time. The facilitator observes to make sure that the children are safe. She steps in to help set physical boundaries and support both children as they learn to share the space and material. The facilitator works closely with the children to support their development while demonstrating respectful parent-child interactions to the adults. 


Meanwhile, the parents observe quietly from their seats. 30 minutes before the session ends, the adults have the opportunity to discuss what they've observed. Each week we also take the time to discuss specific parenting issues, either raised by the parents themselves or suggested by the facilitator. Then we clean up, sing a song or two together and say goodbye until next week. 

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Some of the parenting issues we'll discuss
  • Setting boundaries

  • Tantrums

  • Hitting

  • Toy snatching

  • Facilitating independent play

  • Understanding and taming parent triggers

  • Trusting your child

  • Creating daily rhythms at home

Purposeful playgroups where small groups of children explore freely within a carefully prepared environment.  Slow down and enjoy the unfolding of your child's authentic self.