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Parent Coaching

Find the approach that is just right for you and your family. 

For the thoughtful parent who wants to enjoy time with their children, get through the day without losing it and ultimately, raise children who feel seen and loved. 

Private coaching sessions over Zoom or in-person for yourself or as a couple.

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Is this you?

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You told yourself that you would do things differently, but find yourself defaulting to the way you were raised.​

You read all the parenting books but feel more confused than ever. ​

You're constantly worrying if you're doing the right thing and if your child will turn out alright.

You don't feel confident about the parenting decisions you make. ​

You feel distracted during the day and disconnected from your child. ​

You don't know how to explain your approach to your partner / co-parent / family members

Don't worry 

we're here for you.

Book an appointment with one of us.


We have a limited number of private coaching slots every month so that we can dedicate the time and energy necessary to dive deep and truly guide parents to shift mindsets and behaviours. This isn't about quick fixes. This is an investment into the most important work you'll ever do, a deep transformation for radical growth. If you're ready, book your first intake call today. We'll get to know each other and then, we'll help you to unpack the root of your specific challenges so that you can be on your way to more connection and joy.


You love your child but sometimes, parenting just seems too much

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Your investment

Intake session
(30 mins)

RM 100

3 sessions
(60 mins per session)

RM  750

5 sessions
(60 mins per session)

RM 1125

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