Parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world, but you don't have to do it alone. We want to support you in finding the approach that feels right for

you and your family.

Raised with Wonder was born out of a desire to create a community for parents and caregivers across Malaysia and Asia who are committed to raising secure, resilient and joyful children. 

Meet Justina


Hi, I'm Justina - toddler mom, wife, parent guide, and lifelong learner. I help worried parents focus on the big picture: raising joyful and resilient children through secure relationships. 

Can I be honest?  I never envisioned a career that involved working with children and parents. 

In a previous life, I've been an academic lecturer, management consultant and public policy specialist.

I never considered myself a 'kid' person...until my daughter arrived in the world and I knew that my worldview would never be the same. As a new mom, I was simultaneously filled with joy and anxiety. I constantly felt ill-prepared for the responsibility of raising a child and worried that I was somehow screwing up.

Things hit a whole new level when my infant daughter transformed into a walking, talking toddler with opinions all of her own. I knew I didn't want to default to the authoritarian style of parenting I was raised with, but I didn't know if there was an alternative that would work. 

In my anxiety, I fell into my default mode of studying and researching ALL the things related to parenting and child development.  This led me to eye-opening research and the completion of the RIE®️ Foundations course. I discovered an alternative path that honoured children while respecting the individual needs of other family members. I took this same respectful approach into my time as a preschool teacher. 

Now, I'm passionate about supporting other parents like YOU on that same path of less overwhelm and more enjoyment. Hopefully, when this pandemic is behind us, we'll be able to meet for real over a hot cup of coffee or for a run. I can't wait for you to join our growing community of parents!

Meet Carmen

Hey there, I'm Carmen!

An educator at heart, I've always loved children and was a special needs teacher for years before I decided to use what I know about child development to help parents.

It all started when I had the opportunity to come in close contact with many students, their parents and caretakers while doing therapy in their homes and realised the impact of parenting and caregiving on a child's development and well-being.

In the process of equipping myself to help my students' parents navigate through their parenting challenges, I stumbled upon Respectful Parenting and this way of being with children really turned my perspective upside down (in an immensely awesome way)!


It led me to better understand children and honestly leaving me more confident while being with them. To dive deeper into this way of being with children, I underwent the RIE® Foundations ™ course. 

I hope to use my experiences and learnings to help you raise your children in a way that respects them as whole and unique little ones as well as help you gain confidence in your parenting.


I'm also passionate about drawing awareness to alternative ways of parenting that promotes respect and mindfulness to the Chinese speaking community.

If you too want to break unhealthy generational cycles in your family, I'm here for you!